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Flatten Belly Fat

By William Weaver

Love handles getting you down? Lots of extra stuff around the middle? Flatten Belly Fat with these excercises and diet tips. You can get that belly flatter with commitment, determination and that good old college try.

The diet tips I have to offer and the following excercises WILL work because I have done it. Whenever my wife was released from the hospital after having bypass surgery both of us decided to get rid of some belly fat. The main reason is it is just healthier to get rid of it. She was doing some recommended excercises and was being monitored by the nursing staff at the hospital gym. They gave us some diet tips also which I am going to share with you. This system works well and is simple to implement into your daily routine.


You've go to learn to read the labels on packages of food that you get at your corner grocery store. The first thing to look at on the label is serving size. There are varying amounts of calories, saturated fat and other fats depending on serving size. How many calories per serving? How many grams of saturated fat and other fats per serving. Use these numbers as a guide to how much to consume in a meal.

You've got to watch those carbohydrates, they convert in the body to glucose, yeah that's right, plain old sugar. Sugar is calories and simple sugars that the body can't use, turns to fat. Cut down on simple carbs, sugars including alcohol, caffienated drinks, carbonated drinks and other convenience store snacks. Add complex carbs to your diet such as pasta, brown rice and baked potatoes. Leave the butter, sour cream and other fattening things off of those and add some spices to flavor them. Cut down or eliminate salt in your diet. Eat your fill of fresh fruit and vegetables. Get more protein in your diet such as found in tuna and lean cuts of meat. You can eat a lot, just cut down on sugars and fat.

Find a form of exercise that you enjoy and do it every day. Walking is a fine way of burning those calories off and so is swimming. If you can do sit-ups and leg lifts then do 20-30 of these every day in addition to your other excercises. Losing weight by diet alone takes more time and gets so discouraging that most people just can't stick with it long enough to do them any good. You just have to buckle down and do the excercises. Check with your doctor first to get his approval and exercise recommendations. Find someone to exercise with you, whether it is a friend or relative makes no difference as long as they support what you are doing.

Stay with this program for at least 30 days before you remeasure your middle and get on the scales. You will find that you have lost weight, lost some inches around the middle, have more energy and stamina and just feel better. You can do this, so get off of the couch and get it done.


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