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Top Exercises For Burning Fat

By Simon Ken

You have been working day in and day out to burn all that belly fat and get those six packs of your dreams. Carrying out your daily routine of cardio exercises, crunches, sit-ups and using ab-machines. Have you ever wondered for how long have you been doing these exercises and how much effect these exercises have had on your body?


These exercises do not actually help you in burning the belly fat. Especially the ab-machines like ab belts, ab loungers and ab rockers. The secret behind gaining the perfect abdominals is not concentrating all of your exercises on your abdominals. Now, you must be wondering, is this person in his senses? I know it sounds contradicting to all those popular hyped-up abdominal programs that burn more of your pocket than the flab. The trick lies in concentrating your exercise routine on burning the extra fat of your body and working directly on your abs. To get perfect abdominals you need to concentrate on a full body exercise.

This will help you to increase the metabolic responses and also enhances the hormonal responses to your workouts. Most people neglect the growth hormone and testosterone increase aspect of their workout. This hormonal response cannot bet achieved by carrying out daily routines that include sit-ups, crunches, ab-machines, torso twist, leg raises.


You need to concentrate more the scheduling, sequencing and combination of your exercises. So remember the best way to achieve the abs that you have always dreamt of is by focusing on the full body training routine which will help you in burning out all the excess flab and not concentrating your whole routine on abdominal exercises.

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