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3 Worst Ab Excercises to Avoid Like the Plague If You Want a Six Pack

By Paul Stephen Nicholls

Knowing the best ab exercises to do when trying to build six pack abs is very important but also knowing the ones to avoid is probably more important. If you use these ab exercises that I'm now going to mention then you will either not see any visible difference to your abs and or worse you will end up injuring yourself


Gym ab machines

Most gyms have one of these and to be honest they do get a fair bit of usage. This just goes to show that most people don`t know what there doing or what it`s doing to their body. These ab machines are useless, when you use them you are far too restricted so do yourself a favour and ditch them for good. The best way to build your abs up is through real workouts and real nutrition there is no short cut.

Ab Rocker

I`m sure you have seen plenty of these around. Again they are completely useless and should be banned from gyms in my opinion. They are just a lazy way to do sit ups and ive used them a few times but never feel like they actually do anything. There are dozens of ab excercise`s which you can do that are much more effective than using an ab rocker and a lot safer too.


Any other ab gadget machine, new or old

Weather you have come across an old or new type of ab machine, no matter what people say about it or what stories you hear never use it. This goes for any ab gadget out there and there seems to be a new one released each and every week. You know why? It`s because people buy them because they want fast and easy results. You don`t need to buy any of these because you have more than enough ab exercises to choose from which will build you six pack abs much faster and better than any bogus gadget or machine.

Also don`t be fooled by all of the fitness models which are in the adverts/infomercials, they didn't get their body by using the gadget which they are using. They got ther`e body by following real workouts and real nutrition.

So now you know the 3 worst ab exercises that you should avoid like the plague. Most of the time using your own body weight for ab exercises is plenty good enough to build a good set of six pack abs.

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