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3 Killer Ab Excercises for Building a Strong Core & Ripped Six Pack Abs

By Paul Stephen Nicholls

If you're trying to build your six pack abs then its important to have a good selection of ab exercises which you can use on a regular basis. Below I'm going to reveal to you 3 awesome and very effective ab exercises which will build you a rock hard lean set of abs and a strong core too.


Ab exercise 1 - Scissor V-Ups

Scissor v-ups are awesome for building a six pack and building a strong core too. What you do is lay down on the floor on your back with your feet elevated off the floor. You kick your legs side to side but over the top of each other while doing a normal crunch sit up. So your legs work in the form of scissors that is where the name comes from. This exercise really engages the abs and even after a short amount of reps you will definitely start to feel it.

Ab exercise 2 - Hanging Leg Raises

These are very effective ab exercises and are great for building your lower abs. They are fairly hard to do but are awesome for building your six pack abs. All you need is a pull up bar, scaffold bar or even one of the bars which you fit at home above your door. You can do sets of say 20 at a time, this would really work your abs for sure. The stronger you get the more advanced you can make the leg raises, like you can start going to the sides but i will explain those in another article.


Ab exercise 3 - V sit up crunches

There's no doubt about it these are killers. If you want a good workout on your abs do these. All you do is lay on the floor on your back with your hands to your sides. Start with your feet off the floor and slightly bent, then you tuck your knees towards your chest then as your knees get close to your chest extend and push right up vertically with your legs until your hips come off the floor slightly. Then you come back down bring your knees to your chest then extend your legs out in front slightly too, but not completely straight, that is one rep.

If you want to build killer abs then these 3 exercises are awesome to do and definitely include these in your workouts. I use them all the time and they definitely work great.

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