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Where To Find Time To Do Stomach Excercises For Those Six Pack Abs

By Michael Harris

It seems these days everybody is trying to find out how to get 6 pack abs. From the guy trying to impress the ladies to the ladies who have had children and everybody in between.

Although most people start a routine with good intent many simply drop off before seeing any real results because they lack the dedication and determination needed to get to the goal. The coveted six pack abs!


With that in mind, keep reading for a few tips on how to squeeze in the exercises needed to attain your goals. It seems these days that pretty much everybody has time to watch a little television. Or maybe a LOT of television!

This is a perfect time to do stomach exercises.

During commercials, or every ten minutes if there are no commercials, try lying on the floor and doing as many stomach exercises as possible during the break. As with any exercise program, begin slowly with a small amount of reps. This will keep you from getting too sore and quitting prematurely.

Add a few more reps every day, trying to beat the previous days record. Make a game of it so you do not get bored. Challenge yourself to see if you can push yourself just a little harder each day.

By following this simple plan, it will help your body in several different ways. First of all, there is no extra scheduling involved because for most people, watching television at some point in the day is natural so no extra time is taken out of the day to do stomach exercise.

It also helps by increasing your metabolism at a time when you would normally be sedentary. This will help burn extra fat and increase lean muscle mass. Remember that when you are trying to find out how to get 6 pack abs, it's not just about toning the muscle. You need to get rid of excess belly fat too.

Another time for your best ab exercises is in the morning. When you get up in the morning lay down on the floor and stretch for about five minutes. After completing your stretches, do a few minutes of crunches or as many reps as you can do.

Try to increase the amount every day until you are doing at least five minutes of the best ab exercises each day. This is a great way to start your day because it gets your metabolism fired up and sets the tone for the rest of the day and you start out already feeling strong and energized!

Then there are those of us who are lucky enough to have a scheduled exercise time. If this is you, make sure to include at least a few minutes each day for stomach exercises. Although muscles need time to rest, and you should only exercise a particular group of muscles every other day, many trainers believe that stomach muscles are OK to exercise everyday.

And since there are many different types of stomach exercises to choose from you will never get bored as long as you vary your routine.

Having a good strong stomach means more than just sexy sick pack abs. Your stomach muscles are the core of your body. If they are not strong, the rest of your body will suffer.

The good news is that most stomach exercises can be done almost anywhere without an abdominal exercise machine or gadgets. With a little diligence and some creativity, there are plenty of times throughout the day to sneak in stomach exercises.


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